The following guidance has been issued by the RCVS in relation to veterinary consent for competition and maintenance care:

The RCVS recognises that there has been some doubt as to whether therapists require a veterinary referral for maintenance work, such as massage, in a healthy animal.

The new guidance sets out the existing rules for musculoskeletal treatment of illness, disease or pathology, and clarifies that healthy animals do not require a veterinary referral for maintenance care.
The guidance stresses that all therapists are part of the vet-led team, and that any animal, including healthy ones, should be registered with a veterinary surgeon and referred to a vet at the first sign of any symptoms that may suggest underlying health issues.

The guidance also notes that vets should be confident that the musculoskeletal therapist is appropriately qualified; indicators of this can include membership of a voluntary regulatory body with a register of practitioners, and associated standards of education and conduct, supported by a complaints and disciplinary process. This includes such bodies as RAMP, AHPR and IAAT.

We must stress that this new legislation only refers to fully qualified therapists. All students must continue to obtain vet consent for any case studies.

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