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An Introduction and Understanding of Equine Communication


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Hello, my name is Ronnie and this is a short introduction on why I chose to work with horses/animals. First I will explain a little about myself and the reasons that set me on my path, as an animal communicator.


Hello, my name is Ronnie and this is a short introduction on why I chose to work with horses/animals.
First I will explain a little about myself and the reasons that set me on my path, as an animal communicator.
I would love to say to you that I have been doing this sort of work all my life but it would be untrue.
I am in fact a late starter, as far as animal communication is concerned (I started on my spiritual path many years ago which led me onto practising as a medium) but it was the arrival of my new mare in May 2005, that started me on this path.
Like many people who own horses any spare cash is usually spent on the day to day expenses such as food and stabling and if any problems arise (not including medical emergency’s) you have to see what you can juggle in order to pay for extra services.
Without going into to much details, it would take to long, I was aware my mare had a few physical problems but did not know where the problem originated from.
I found myself doing all the usual rounds of vets, chiropractors, and anyone else who I thought could help her (which they often did for a little while) but I found it so frustrating as they could not pin point the course of the problem, and I would not even think about riding her until I knew I had done everything in my power to make her right.
I have since realised that everyone has a free will, including animals if given the opportunity and it is not in my power or my right to fix everything.
However, I do believe I have helped in most cases, from the feedback I have received and I will continue to do so to the best of my ability, by listening to the animals and to pass on any messages they are trying to say.
In this way the owners (carers) may have a little more insight of a particular situation or to simply reassure the people who love and care for them, that they have everything they need and are contented in their life.
I have to thank my lovely mare (also my previous horses) for encouraging me to go beyond my boundaries in search for answers and in the process, I have found a wonderful gift within myself.
It’s something we all possess and perhaps you just need a little help and encouragement to help you see your true potential. We all need a little encouragement from time to time, wherever in life you may be.
I’m continually searching and I don’t have all the answers but I did make a promise that I will do my very best to help any animal that comes my way or asks for help (which they do believe it or not) and the beauty is they never judge you or have ego’s but they do have a genuine desire to help us all and for this . . . I am truly grateful.
Information update: 2016 – to present year.
My work with horses over the years has evolved and continues to grow and as with most things in life, I’ve developed new skills through natural and intuitive learning and also knowledge I’ve picked up along the way, through reading, study etc.
I’ve also attended a couple of one day workshops and more recently (January 2019) I qualified as an Equine Massage Therapist to enable me understand a little more on how we can help our horses both mentally and physically and as always, I am guided by the information the animal relays to me, through intuitive communication and their body language.
In short, I’m able to communicate with my hands through an intuitive and interactive way with the horse, to help show the client areas that may have been relayed to me (from the horse) or drawn to my attention in other ways. Horses are very good at letting me know where I need you to go but of course it does depend on the horse and I always work within their timeline, to make sure they are comfortable with what is happening.
During and at the end of a session, it is usually apparent that something may have changed.
How much and to what degree is totally dependent on the horse (and yourself) as it is never just about the horse . . . as I am sure you are aware.
As part of my visit I will often recommend that you have a body worker of your choice to check your horse over from time to time, as it is very beneficial to the horse, either on a regular basis or when able . . . but of course it is just a recommendation.
I always check with my client, after an initial conversation, to see if they have any real worries or concerns (particularly if it is pain or extreme behaviour related) and to advice them that a vet should always be their first port of call.
If you have any further questions that you feel I have not answered in this brief introduction please feel free to message me and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.
Thank you for taking the time to read the information.

*CPD Certificates will only be issued if requested*

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