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The Association is an international group of animal therapists who work under veterinary referral.

Animal therapy is as important to the physical wellbeing in animals as it is in humans and this is becoming increasingly appreciated in animal owners and veterinarians. Animal therapists as a consequence are becoming more and more in demand due to the increasing awareness of animal healthcare.

Our registered therapists cover many services from physiotherapy, manipulation and osteopathy to hydrotherapy, massage and maintenance. Their services help animals of all shapes and sizes to recover from injury and illness, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury.

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iaat international association of animal therapists


Animal Physiotherapy is used to rehabilitate and maintain health, mobility, function and performance in all animals whether they are your top competitor or your best friend | MORE
iaat international association of animal therapists


Osteopathy looks at assisting the body to maintain or return to a normal functioning unit. Where an injury may be thought to affect just one part of the body, it is surprising how an animal will alter movement and behaviour to cope | MORE
iaat international association of animal therapists


Animal Manipulation techniques seek to restore balance in the body where disturbance or interference has occurred. It is a relatively gentle technique working with the body promoting natural healing. | MORE
iaat international association of animal therapists

Massage Therapy

Animal massage and stretching techniques can be applied, enabling the animal to perform to their full potential, and keep them supple, comfortable and using themselves correctly | MORE
iaat international association of animal therapists


Equine and canine hydrotherapy uses water as a method of providing rehabilitation following an injury, as well as being used to help build and maintain fitness | MORE
iaat international association of animal therapists


These therapies work within the RCVS guidelines and with veterinary guidance if required. All complementary animal therapists, of any discipline, must adhere to the Veterinary Act 1966 and gain veterinary permission before treating an animal | MORE
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