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Rehabilitation from injury with hydrotherapy

Equine and canine hydrotherapy uses water as a method of providing rehabilitation following an injury, as well as being used to help build and maintain fitness. Positive results it has now become a recognised therapy for rehabilitation, musculoskeletal conditions, fitness and weight loss.

Not all types of hydrotherapy are suitable for horses but swimming, water treadmills and static spas, as well as traditional cold hosing of limbs are. As with all therapies, hydrotherapists adhere to veterinary law and follow a strict set of quality standards and code of practice. A pre and post treatment health check is essential to enable individual programmes to be created for each animal. The programmes will vary depending on age, breed, condition and veterinary history.

Hydrotherapy can be used for healing post operation and trauma, as well as increasing strength and muscle mass. It has also become a recognised therapy to enhance the treatment of neurological conditions and degenerative joint diseases.

It is common that hydrotherapy is combined with other therapies, such as physiotherapy, both of which complement each other and will enable the animal to feel the full benefits of each therapy.

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