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Animal physiotherapy aims to restore optimal pain-free function to the body

Established over 35 years ago and pioneered by Sherry Scott MBE and Mary Bromiley MBE, Animal Physiotherapy soon became a recognised and vital profession within the companion, competitive and working animal industries.

Physiotherapy can be of enormous benefit for animals, the same as it for humans. It aims to restore optimal pain-free function to the body, which improves the animals quality of life. In order to restore this, physiotherapy addresses pain, movement, posture, strength and balance.

Animal Physiotherapy is used to rehabilitate and maintain health, mobility, function and performance in all animals whether they are your top competitor or your best friend. A full treatment will assess your animals gait, mobility, muscle balance, muscle, tendon and ligament elasticity and strength, joint and limb flexibility and range of movement and over all suppleness.

Physiotherapy can treat a broad spectrum of conditions whether it is performance, medical or surgically related:

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