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Continued Professional Development

All IAAT members are encouraged to maintain and continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills. Whether you’re a member or non member looking for continuous progression of capability and competence, our range of CPD courses will assist you in your learning and development.

iaat international association of animal therapists

Upcoming IAAT CPD Courses

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iaat international association of animal therapists

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iaat international association of animal therapists

Upcoming External CPD Courses

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IAAT CPD Guidelines

At IAAT we would like our members to complete approx 25 hours per year, however, it is appreciated that most of our members will do considerably more than this. 

When becoming a member of IAAT a form will be provided for you to complete when renewing your membership at the end of each year.  

Some key categories are outlined below for your information however please include any others that may be relevant

  1. Short courses.
    e.g. Biomechanics, additional therapy skills, wound management.
  2. External conferences, seminars and AGMs.
    e.g. Horses Inside Out Conference, BEVA Congress, ISAMP, ESMA
  3. Studying for additional qualifications.
    e.g. MSc, BSc, Diploma
  4. Active committee work for a professional body.
    e.g. IAAT or other organisation
  5. Acquisition of knowledge from Journals and Webinars.
    e.g. Reading Horses Health, EVJ, BVNA, EVE or watching BEVA Webinars. In which case evidence of reading will be required in the form of a brief written review of the article.
  6. Developing or teaching others.
    e.g. Writing an article, doing an informative talk to a local group, assisting another therapist, preparing a lecture or presentation.
  7. Writing up detailed case histories.
  8. Personal professional development.
    e.g. discussion with fellow practitioners about problem solving, reflective learning.
  9. Other  anything else you think might be relevant
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CPD 1 DAY FACE TO FACE Rehabilitation of the Equine Athlete; The Role of the Equine Physiotherapist With; Karina Hawkridge. Dip.A.Phys. RAMP & IAAT reg. A fantastic opportunity to expand your therapeutic knowledge with one of our IAAT experts A mix of theory and practical evaluation including case studies.