World’s first clinical research on Canine Massage Therapy NOW published in Vet Record, distributed by British Veterinary Association (BVA)

  • 527 dogs and owners
  • 67 Canine Massage Guild practitioners
  • 2 Dr’s at Winchester University
  • 1 Clinical Trials Co-ordinator
  • 1 canine massage industry pioneer
  • 3 Years from start of study to publication

Study shows significant decrease in pain severity following canine massage therapy

95% of dogs respond to canine massage therapy

This cross-sectional study indicates canine massage therapy may effectively reduce myofascial and musculoskeletal pain severity reported by owners and practitioners associated with gait, posture, behavioural and performance issues and reduction in daily activities. Although this is not a double-blind trial, and there is no control group, this study suggests massage therapy may be a valid treatment for myofascial and musculoskeletal pain typically derived from muscular injuries, arthritis/other orthopaedic conditions.

Published in ‘Vet Record’ Medical Journal, British Veterinary Association