CAMadvocate Level 1 is an initiative to improve canine welfare globally. Canine Osteoarthritis (OA) was reclassified by Vet Compass as a welfare concern in April 2018. Extensive analysis of first opinion veterinary caseload identified OA as a leading cause of elective euthanasia, as well as the disease which negatively impacted the dog for the longest time and brought with it the most severe clinical signs.

Every veterinary technician and canine professional has a duty of care to increase their knowledge regarding this overlooked and often terminal disease. This course offers the attendee a complete overview of identifying, diagnosing and managing canine osteoarthritis with consideration of the biopsychosocial care model. It aims to offer contextual evidence-based education to enable the reader to immediately incorporate their new understanding into their professional role.

This course was originally recorded for veterinary technicians. After good reception it has been slightly adapted to be inclusive of the canine professional to ensure we are collectively giving the same advice to our clients.

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