RAMP thanks Gemma Dransfield from BEVA Council who has worked with us to communicate our standards and we are delighted to receive the following statement

MSK Regulation from a Veterinary Perspective

RAMP called an open webinar which all the MSK professional association members were invited, with representatives from BEVA, RCVS, DEFRA and BSAVA. This can still be viewed from the RAMP website News page. However, the general outcome was the Veterinary Professional Associations seem to have sympathy with RAMP eligible practitioners within our professions, gaining autonomy if we are robustly regulated and we can achieve a
change in the legislation.

Ben Myering reported the RCVS do not hold this view and currently wish allied professions to remain under veterinary referral system that many clinicians find unworkable. So, there is still much work to do if a sensible working model is to be found into the future. What is clear is we are missing the input of around two thirds of eligible MSK practitioners, the more registrants we have the louder our voice will be. If you agree with RAMP aims, we need evidence of your support in the form of you registering as soon as possible to add your voice to development of your profession in animal care.